The Exalio team:

Ardin M.C. Vlot

Ardin has many years of experience in the field of software development and managing larger organizations. Ardin is involved with Exalio as a change manager and leader of the development team.

Berend Meiling

As an account manager, Berend is responsible for acquisition and customer relationships. Berend has a long track record in this area and is actively involved in supporting Exalio partners.

Jeroen van Beek

Jeroen is an architect and software developer at Exalio. Jeroen has designed and realized parts of Exalio Business Solution (EBS).

Chiel Roeleveld

Chiel is a software developer and has realized large parts of the Exalio Develoment Platform (EDP).

Emmanuel Yirenkyi

Emmanuel Yirenkyi is a junior software developer and is working on the further development of EBS and EDP.

Teun Vlastuin

Teun is involved with Exalio as a business consultant and logistics expert. Teun has many years of experience with the selection and implementation of ERP systems.

Girish Thakur

Girish has a solid track record in the field of ICT project management. At Exalio, his expertise is therefore mainly used in the field of the implementation of ICT projects.

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