For each individual application, Exalio assesses whether it can play a role in capitalizing on improvement potentials and, if so, which ones. Practice shows that most clients are companies and organizations with employees between twenty and five hundred employees. That can be organizations with an initial request, a specific question or a vague complaint. Exalio works for both regional companies as well as international companies, and the sectors of our clients also vary widely. A relatively large number of organizations from the portfolio are in the ICT and services sector.
In recent years, Exalio has been able to implement a large number of improvements at organizations and companies. Below you will find a number of examples.

Facility management solutions

A service institution with around sixty employees had set itself the goal of recruiting 'larger' clients. In addition, she wanted to grow steadily and to work on better customer focus. Exalio performed the Performance Quick Scan, introduced the concept of multidisciplinary teams and intensified the focus on clients. She also provided leadership training and coaching. Exalio also introduced accurate KPIs and team performance reporting. These services resulted in competent customer teams and excellent cooperation between account management and implementation.

Software supplier medical device market

This Dutch software supplier asked Exalio to explore the possibilities for growth and serving larger accounts. After performing the Performance Quick Scan, Exalio introduced the Team Business Planning concept, in which all business functions were involved. We also provided leadership training and team effectiveness training. The result: competent teams, a significant improvement in the bottom-line result and a growth in the number of large accounts. This software supplier has considerably strengthened its position on the market.


Agro-market software supplier

A Dutch company - with around 80 employees - which is active in the agricultural market, gave Exalio the challenge to improve the bottom-line performance. Based on results from the Performance Quick Scan, Exalio provided the organization with insight into the performance of the various business segments: services, software development and support. Exalio provided benchmark guidance for all three segments. Accurate KPIs and business reporting were also introduced. Thanks to this service, insight into both the implementation of the organization and the associated backgrounds has grown intensively.

First-line diagnostic center

An IT department of a large diagnostic center had set itself the goal of better aligning the complex and outdated infrastructure with ever-stricter internal requirements and higher customer expectations. There was a strong need from the organization for improving customer satisfaction. After performing the Performance Quick Scan and introducing the Team Business Planning concept, in which all functions were involved, Exalio provided leadership and team effectiveness training. She introduced and implemented a new organizational structure, replaced basic parts of the infrastructure, and provided a strategic vision for product development in specific segments. Thanks to the services of Exalio, the teams were empowered, customer satisfaction was significantly improved, and the position for the future was firmly anchored. In addition, there was a considerable improvement in processes in the field of project management and product development.

Innovative ICT infrastructure provider for primary healthcare

An ICT infrastructure supplier was faced with a dilemma: enormous growth opportunities were on the horizon, but the organization was not ready to scale up to the required level. Exalio made an analysis of the current circumstances based on the Performance Quick Scan. She introduced the Team Business Planning concept, which involved all functions within the organization. She also provided training on individual and team effectiveness. Exalio introduced and implemented a new management and reporting structure, initiated a simplification of certain structures and developed and implemented an ultramodern business system. Finally, Exalio initiated several new partnerships. Thanks to the intervention of Exalio, the teams are once again strong and energetic, the turnover has increased by no less than 40 percent and the way has been set for strong positioning in the future.

Supplier of BPM products

An innovative, global player (250 employees) in the field of product development approached Exalio with the following case. The organization grew at a rapid pace, wanted to continue to deliver innovative and complex solutions and to develop in several regions. A short time-to-market was required. Exalio performed its Performance Quick Scan to get a good idea of the organization. She then formulated clear objectives and provided training on personal and team effectiveness for management and more than two hundred developers. The result: the mindset of employees changed, making them willing to implement change (read: improvement) in their organization. In addition, Exalio’s consulting achieved pride and passion for the formulated objectives, led to self-management in development teams and increased customer focus.

Consultancy agency for patient logistics

A consultancy firm with unique logistics concepts for hospitals worldwide, wanted to intensify its innovative services, but was unable to independently scale up to the required level. In addition, there was a strong desire to gain a foothold in Germany. After performing the Performance Quick Scan, Exalio developed a specific methodology, and a German CEO was recruited. Sales and implementation were also stationed in Germany. The result: two important assignments have now been carried out in Northern and Southern Germany, using the developed methodology, new software and training material. The organization has firmly anchored its position for the future.

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'Exalio wants to make people excel and take organizations to a higher level. As per the meaning of the name ExalioTo lift up high.'
- Ardin M.C. Vlot, founder Exalio

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