Mapping the functioning of your organization starts by making a clear diagnosis. The Performance Quick Scan from Exalio is an efficient diagnostic tool for detecting underlying bottleneck patterns.

With the Performance Quick Scan, Exalio analyzes the scope of your improvement potential in five steps. The research results in a presentation of the findings. A logical next step follows: an implementation strategy for lasting change.

1. Objectives

The scan starts with a search for the coherence of vision and objectives within your organization. Where are your objectives set? And how did you communicate them to your employees? Are they in the minds of colleagues? Do they all have the same perception of your goals? Exalio determines the quality and consistency of the objectives of your organization on the basis of a thorough analysis.

2. Structure

Once the objectives have been analyzed, Exalio examines the quality of your structure. Which methods and processes apply? Have they been implemented or are they only on paper? Do processes connect to systems? Exalio provides a detailed overview of the quality of your organizational structure.

3. Situation

The objectives and structure of your organization have been analyzed. A factor that can still seriously hinder the achievement of performance is what we call 'the situation'. No less than 80 percent of the processes stagnate in this area. Objectives and structure have been determined, but there is no trust, cooperation is not going smoothly, the management style is less effective or a destructive corporate culture has a demotivating effect. Exalio calls all these elements 'the situation'. That situation is the subject of analysis in this part of the Performance Quick Scan.

4. Individual

An organization or company is always partly dependent on individuals. How are they doing? Are they talented and motivated, or do they lack competencies and mentality? How do they contribute personally to improving the situation, so that the infrastructure is effectively utilized according to objectives? From individuals within all dimensions of your organization - from workplace to director - their individual contribution to the organization will be analyzed.

5. Development

The final phase of the Performance Quick Scan consists of an analysis of the learning capacity of your organization. What is overall the total development competence? Is there a learning mentality? Is time set aside to adequately control processes and systems? Based on the findings of the Performance Quick Scan, we make suggestions and recommendations for improvement in consultation with your organization. With this, Exalio lays an important basis to let your people excel and to take your company to a higher level.

What now?

By performing the Exalio Performance Quick Scan, you have a valuable instrument and starting point for a relatively small investment with which your improvement process can start.

Ask us for a meeting without obligation so that we can map out your improvement potential together.

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'Exalio wants to make people excel and take organizations to a higher level. As per the meaning of the name ExalioTo lift up high.'
- Ardin M.C. Vlot, founder Exalio

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