Effectiveness does not just come to you; you have to train yourself in it. As an individual, as a leader and as a team. Exalio has developed a set of training materials for different target groups. The four Exalio training courses focus on specific categories of effectiveness: personal effectiveness, team effectiveness, effective leadership and effective project management.
To be able to train successfully and purposefully, Exalio invests in personal contact. Exalio is only truly motivated if it knows the people being trained and is aware of the improvement potential of the organization. This means that the training courses always fit seamlessly with the improvement plan in progress. Exalio's effectiveness training is based on universal knowledge to add maximum value. Methods with which the training sessions are fed include Lean (the lean organization), TOC (the targeted organization) and PE (the effective person).

Personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness training is based on the improvement of the individual effectiveness of team members and employees. With this training Exalio aims to provide insight into how you achieve effectiveness and how you apply it in your work or specific task within the change program. The training covers three topics:

  • Manage yourself
  • Relationships and effectiveness
  • The power of trust

Team effectiveness

In the team effectiveness training you work on improving the effectiveness of your team. The aim is to provide insight and skills in the field of team effectiveness: how is this achieved and then applied? The training offers an answer to these questions. Topics covered in the training are:

  • Teams in change
  • Universal principles of team effectiveness
  • Good performing team dynamics

Effective leadership

Often, leaders face the task of looking after their herd. As far as Exalio is concerned, leadership can be defined differently: a leader brings his team from A to B(etter). He brings his team to a higher performance level.

The effective leadership training offers insight into the essence of leadership and management. Insights and experiences from well-known entrepreneurs, CEOs and management experts provide the training with both a scientific foundation and specific possibilities for practical application. The following topics are covered in the effective leadership training:

  • Understanding leadership
  • Change Management
  • Winning

Effective project management

Successfully participating in a project or effectively leading a project is no easy task. Project leaders and members who are managing or participating in a job for the first time all too often stumble over obstacles that would be easy to take with proper preparation.
With the effective project management training, Exalio offers the perfect preparation for starting project leaders and members and a good refreshment for those who already have more experience. The two-day training consists for one part of workshops and for the other part of theory. The focus is on the question: how can I be effective as a project leader or as a project participant? Topics to be discussed are:

  • The essence of project management
  • The project management process
  • Effective project management
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'Exalio wants to make people excel and take organizations to a higher level. As per the meaning of the name ExalioTo lift up high.'
- Ardin M.C. Vlot, founder Exalio

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